I have been a falconer for 20 years and using falconry techniques to help others since 2011. I knew since I was a child I would figure out how to fly. As an aspiring bird I would jump off the patio table in the backyard endlessly flapping my arms and praying heavenward to lift me up! One summer as I sat at the table bored and disappointed, my mother admonished me to “sit up straight! Your shoulder-blades are sticking out like wings!” FINALLY! I brightened knowing it was just a matter of time! Certainly God knows how to answer prayers. Today, every time I release a bird off the glove I am flying too. There is no better feeling.

As a wildlife control operator I fly hawks and falcons to scare off pest birds from a property where they may be causing property damage, unhealthy conditions, or decimating crops. It is nature’s way. Birds know to leave when a predator is nearby. It is the greenest form of pest control there is. And my job is to handle the predators in the best, most efficient manner to get the job done. It’s the best job there is.

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